Today I Know Sadness, I Miss My Buddy Uki...



I don't say anything when people try to offer comfort by telling me that they understand how I feel because they went through something similar with their dead pet, whatever.  Uki was not my pet, he was my best friend.  Uki was more like a little furry person than a cat, he was highly inquisitive and very intelligent, one look into his wide open eyes let you know he was different.

I wrote a memorial post about him, but he deserves a better tribute than just a few words and pictures on the internet, so my first ever tattoo will be in honor of his memory, the design is shown on his memorial page.

Be at peace furry man.


Artist Statement:

I'd rather create things I love, when money's tight push comes to shove.

I'll draw a milkshake with your fries, if that's better than drawing flies.

For artist rendered apathy, in shades of mediocrity...

I'd charge you but a modest fee to churn out anything you please.

I've also done artwork for free, just ask real nice to pass the cheese.

Fame or fortune hope they buy, in art fame comes after you die.

I butcher meat to make my bread, an artist starves, the art scenes dead.

"No works over twelve ninety-five, the fairgrounds this weekend only!"

If that's what keeps the dream alive let me die broke and lonely,

Keep fame and fortune if that's it, spit out your cheese and eat my shit.