I created this site to showcase past work I have done, new works and also to show how the stuff I do gets done. I have always been an artist, most of my earliest childhood memories are of drawing, painting and creating artistic oddities as a form of release and escape. The works of my early youth consist mainly of drawn superheroes, wizards and dragons, prosthetic makeup and horror props. By mid-twenties my interests had shifted toward paranoiac critical dual image works and comic style art, my thirties were spent creating optical illusions and modifying computers into art. Forty to present has so far been spent combining art with technology and trying to merge previous works of insanity into an art or writing career as a path to early retirement.

If you would like to purchase my works or have a seemingly impossible art project in mind and need someone to help make it a reality I am skilled at creating many types of original artistic insanity.

To reach me by email: Troy@ARTbyTROY.com - serious inquiries only please.

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