Carcharhinus Louganis (Greg the Shark) The Completed Project Log

Designed using free downloaded 3D software and fabricated entirely from scratch by hand in my small 10'x12' home work shop over the course of six months, at 5'x5' it is my largest and heaviest work to date.

The piece is built from a back painted 5'x5' polycarbonate sheet acrylic, two 50" 4K Ultra High Definition TV's, 16' dual row SMD LED programmable strip lights, black spray rubberized aluminum angle, high density polyethylene butcher blocks and black oxide carriage bolts.

From the initial design sketches to finished work, this detailed project log provides a step by step break down of everything that went into building my most recent paranoiac critical creation. Read about it here.

  Gluttony (ArtPrize 2013 Entry) The Completed Project Log

I am finished with my entry for this years ArtPrize competition. With a design inspired by previous modding builds, this art project mixes old school with new style by showcasing my first ever dual image work with some cool LED lighting and other techniques used to build insane modified computers.

My ArtPrize entry was hosted at the DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan September 18th - October 6th. This work is also featured as image 14 of 18 in this online article.

The piece is built from a hand carved and black vinyl painted 4'x4'sheet of 1/8" polycarbonate acrylic atop three color hand cut sign vinyl laid onto a back frosted 4'x4' sheet of 1/4" polycarbonate acrylic that is backlit by hundreds of LED's and held together by black spray rubberized aluminum angle and black oxide carriage bolts. Read about it here.