Uki Rein-Cat-Nated?!?  Introducing My New Buddy Tucker - 2Uki

Uki... Tucker... Uki... Tucker... wait, wut?

Three weeks depressed and my wife suggest that we go to the local animal shelter to check out the cats, saying "You know you're not going to find the right one on your first trip", which kind of made me hopeful that I would. I found Tucker in "KittyCity", the last of the cat rooms in the last lowest most cage, he was facing away from me sleeping. I thought his back markings looked familiar and when I poked him he woke up, jumped down and looked at me like he knew me. He meowed at me twice and my eyes started to water.

I grabbed his clipboard from the cage and asked to see him in the sitting room, the lady who got him was carrying him under her arm, I nudged the wife because that is how I carried Uki. We got to the room and she handed him off to me, I sat down and Tucker immediately lay flattened to my chest and started rubbing his head back and forth under my chin. I put him down and he went straight to the glass door, stood up on his hind legs and looked outside. Julie leaned over and said "You'll never guess what day Tucker was dropped off here... 04/13/15", the same day I lost my buddy.

I called him and he jumped right back onto my lap. I put both hands around him and knowing he wasn't de-clawed held him six inches from my face, I looked squarely into his eyes and asked him "Are You SKITTISH!?!"... he didn't even flinch. I knew right there that he was my cat, but his breathing sounded labored. Since the Humane society isn't able to prescribe pet meds they had me fill out the paperwork and then swept Tucker straight away to the infirmary for 7 to 10 days of antibiotic treatment. Had I known it was going to go down like that I would have sat with him longer.

On 05/13/15 I emailed the Humane society inquiring about Tucker, I let them know I had paperwork that stated Tucker was being held for me, but I was ready to hold him for myself. Twenty minutes later they replied that he was now well and I could come pick him up. On the way to get him Julie told me that he would probably hide under the bed for a few days like both our other cats did, I was betting he wouldn't. We got Tucker home and I opened the carrier, he sniffed my other cat Teddy then strolled into the bathroom to drop a dump in the litter box. He came out, looked around the house a bit and then casually hung out with us like he knew he belonged here.

I have had Tucker long enough now to know without a doubt that he is Uki, he does almost all the same stuff as the last guy in exactly the same way. The only possible explanation I can come up with is that my buddy must have missed me just as badly as I missed him and like only a cat could ever do, somehow he found his way back. I could care less whether anyone believes me that they're both the same cat, I'm just glad to have my buddy back.

  Today I Know Sadness, I Miss My Buddy Uki... Best. Cat. Ever.

I would never have believed that I'd have a cat for a best friend, but I do and I'm not ashamed. Ten years ago I would have argued until out of breath that cats were a worthless animal, but I have since rethought my position on them. The biggest influence toward my more positive opinion is a cat named Boozie, he's my daughters pet but he lives with me. I knew fairly quickly after she brought the cat home that I wanted him, he sat at the end of my bed intently watching the movie 'True Grit' from start to finish and that sealed it. I started offering money for him starting at $100, over the course of time it had gotten as high as $1200, with each amount repeatedly declined in turn.

Kellee surprised me when she told me that when she moved out she thought it would be best that Boozie stay with me, forever, no money needed. I asked "It's because he loves me, right?" to which she replied "No, it's because he is in love with you".  At first the way she said that kind of bothered me, but I have since come to realize it is true, I see it every time he looks at me. I love and need that little fat furry guy too though, he calms me down and makes me feel happy, sitting with him is such good therapy and he is truly a great friend. He gets me, and he doesn't freak out when I move quickly or make loud noises around him, likely because he knows that I would never hurt him.

He has since been nicknamed Uki, he follows me everywhere and stares at me. He also likes to sit on my lap and lick my beard from one side of my face to the other, sometimes he stands on my lap and looks me square in the face before leaning in to lick my nose or cocking his head to the side to bite it, he also likes biting at my earlobes. He will stand up on his hind legs to give hugs and he loves to be hugged tight and held close. Our snuggling routine goes: "Oh buddy, I love you so much that I will squeeze you so hard your guts will shit right out of your butthole, like this!", then loud fart noises, fake squeezes and him loving it.

He sits outside my workshop with his pink nose poking under the door and quietly meows, I ask him "Uki, is that you?" before opening it. He comes in, sits and stares at his mouse on a stick above the door until I tell him "I know, I put it up there" or take it down to play. He's a super sniffy guy who loves to smell everything, but his three favorite things to smell are catnip, cardboard boxes and other cats butts. He likes to watch birds and animals outside the back window, he also likes watching animals on TV, especially horse racing. He loves jumping up onto my shoulder to sit like a parrot and bite at my ears, sadly Uki not being super agile has scratched me silly by missing the jump, so that became taboo fairly quickly.

I like to sing to him, I am not ashamed of it either and he is not critical of my voice. There are a few different songs that I came up with but my favorite is our best friend song. "We're the two best friends that could ever ever be, the two best friends that could ever ever be, Uki and me are the bestest of friends what could ev-er freak-ing be... bestest of friends that could ever freaking be". I honestly believe he understands what it means, he purrs when I hold him and sing it, his head cocked sideways pressed to the side of my neck and his little furry cat hands massaging my shoulder. Cats like to be sang to and I would wonder who will sing to my buddy after I am gone...

Julie said "You need to look at Uki's leg", I freaked out and made an emergency vet appointment after work. I got home and looked at his huge hind leg and told myself it had to be a bee sting or spider bite, maybe he fell off something and it was just swollen, I hold him every day and hadn't ever noticed it, but deep down I was scared. I held him close and told him that we would see the vet and that everything would be OK, but it wasn't. The vet told me his lump was a tumor and that it was very aggressive, I asked what could be done and she said they could cut off his hind leg, but no guarantee as the cancer had likely already spread to other parts of him. I broke down right there and cried like an idiot.

Uki having cancer has proven to be one of the most difficult things that I have ever had to deal with, each day he gets a little bit worse but he still sits with me and tries to cheer me up because he knows I need it. He is dying right in front of me and there isn't anything I can do to save him, I have never felt so sad in all my life. This morning I woke up to blood on the floor, his lump broke open during the night and he is not doing very good. His normally bright pink nose is grey, he has another emergency vet appointment for this afternoon and I am dying inside because I know what comes next.

I left work early so I could have time to say goodbye to my best friend, I went out and picked what little catnip I could find for him and held him close to me. Julie and Kellee came home and took him to the vet, I'm glad they are both strong because there is no way I could have done it. I don't know what I'm going to do without my buddy, I already miss him terribly, I would give everything I own to have him back. I told Uki to listen for me, just in case there is anything after this reality because when it comes my time I plan to go into whatever's next calling out his name and finding him.

Be at peace furry man.